When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. It is important to help them adjust to the new environment and inculcate in them the ethos of the institution with a sense of larger purpose. The Induction Program is designed to make the newly joined students feel comfortable, sensitize them towards exploring their academic interests and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, promote bonding within them, build relations between teachers and students, give a broader view of life, and building of character.

With the above vision Pioneer Institute of Professional; Studies, Indore conducted a 2 day (i.e 31th August – 1st September 2017) Induction Program for the new joiners. The Program was organized for UG I and MBA I and was witnessed by UG III, UG V and MBA III Students along with Faculty and Staff Members.

The Program started at 8:30 A.M. with the lightening of Lamp and was followed by a tribute given to Dr Kalam. Day 1 i.e. 31th August was a formal gathering where in the new joiners were introduced to the Institution with the help of an Institution Presentation. After this various Mentors were introduced and they helped the students know the institutional culture like the discipline that is to be maintained in the premises, uniform system, class timings, examination pattern, mentoring system, extracurricular activities etc.

Students were also told about the norms of Anti Ragging, Online submission of Fees and the different cells that are functional in the institution for their betterment like women empowerment, Social Cell, Grievance Handling Cell etc. This was further followed by introducing the faculty and staff members to the aspiring students. The day ended with the announcement that on 1th September it’s time for the new joiners to reveal their talents as the entire day was dedicated for EDC ACTIVITY. All the students came in Traditional Outfits and were well prepared with their respective performances. The day started with Competion among seniors and juniors. Various Talent Hunt Competitions such as Solo Dance, Group Dance, Solo Song , Group Song, Mimicry, Shayari, Poem etc were held. Students came beautifully dresses in their traditional outfits. Various prizes were given to the new faces such as Best Song, Best Dance, Best Shayar, Active Performer of the Day, Best Selfie Club, Best Dress, Best Smile and Best Face of the Year.

Day 2 that is 1th September 2017 was EDC day for the students. The entire day was devoted for EDC Cell were students came up with various business ideas and put up stalls of the same. This activity was conducted with the vision of developing entrepreneurial   skill of the students. Here many hidden talents were appreciated for the efforts they had put in by acknowledging them with prizes such as Maximum Sale, Minimum Investment, Team Effort, The Best Marketers etc.