Corporate Lecture by Bajaj Finserv

September 8, 2017, Vibhor Kumar, Bajaj Finance, Indore M.P.  

The sharing on “LIVE PROJECT TO RETAIL”, with duration of 30-45 days that gives excellent opportunity to students to perform & gain on field experience was very informative. Your unique ideas, where students get chance to interact & correlate real work environment with their study experience with customers, dealers etc. helped them to relate to the practical world. The company promised give our students excellent exposure to real business, working to deadlines, meeting targets etc. & that too with India’s top NBFC & Market leaders.

 Sir’s session on customer facility in RETAIL categories such as Apparels, Eyewear, and Footwear etc. was very interesting. The highlighting features were on the Global Brands like Shoppers  Stop, Pantaloons, Max, Raymond, Adidas, Nike, Arrow, UCB,Us-Polo, Pepe, Global Desi, Wrangler, Meena Bazar, GKB Lens etc. with us along with local big dealers, gave a deep insight to our students. 

Corporate Lecture by FinOption

September 12, 2017, Mr. Aman Kumar Mourya, Manager, Business Development from finOptions Institute of Financial Studies Pvt. Ltd. The students came to know how finOptions equals industry‘s requirement of capable manpower and proficient skills and the overall understanding needed by students.

The focus on tapping these opportunities in the shortest possible time, getting them quality jobs that give them quality experience and create a long- term career for them was welcomed. The emphasis on the following professional certifications programs were very fruitful:

Chartered Financial Analyst (International CFA)

Financial Modeling (FM)

Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Certified Financial Planning (CFP)

Fin – Operations

Workshop on Advance Excel

Fin – Divas (A financial literacy program especially for female students)

Corporate Lecture by Silica Edit & Design


September 13, 2017, Mr. Gaurav Chhabra, Director Academics, Silica Edit & Design


Pioneer institute of professional studies presented their students (MBA, BCA, B.Com, BBA, B.Sc) with a career opportunity in UX/UI designing with this corporate lecture. Mr. Gaurav Chabra ((edit mumbai, training and development), also associated with Ebott technology, aptech(R&D)) design this course.   

They started with the tagline "The best way to predict the future is to create it " and discussed about the following topics :

1. Choosing the right career 

How you will decide your path of career?

Interest + personality + aptitude + opportunity

2. Fundamental of design, major factors - 



3. Difference between UX(user experience ) and UI(user interface) 

a. UX 

Business viability.

Design desirability.

Technology feasibility.

UX process and rough design.

b. UI

Visual design. 

It is the final output or design.

4. Importance of UX/UI

Value is in the interface and experience through example of facebook and youtube.

Because of the growth in mobile apps and commerce 60,000 UX/UI designer  are required but only 3000 are available.

They also discussed salary structure.

5. Project Demo

Royal bikes

6. They asked all the students to design 3 screens for an android or ios mobile application named "audio player app". According to their designs they'll contact with us about the internship in ux-ui design.  

The Seminar was coordinated by Ms. Shraddha Bhurre