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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

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50 Rupee Venture Activity on 1 September, 2017

An idea often does not get transformed into a creation or a corporation proposal unless it is guided to bloom into an enterprise. With this in mind, the Institute in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) recently focused on the ED Cell Activity, which involved students.

50 Rupees venture is an entrepreneurial activity in which students are provided an opportunity to do business in limited resources of Rs. 50/-.  Contestants come with ideas, implement them, sell them, earn and get the feel of what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. 

Each team starts with fifty rupees and had to come up a business idea, start and run the business and earn profit. 

Team was provided an initial investment of 50rs.

They could buy the required material from this 50rs.

Team was free to run as many business inside the campus provided that business should be in the same domain. The students aims was targeting other students, faculty members, staff as a customer in the following stalls:

o Food

o Entertainment

o Education

o Health

Then the participants got an entire day to go across the Institute and sell their product. They also presented a report and described the marketing strategy that they had used. 

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