One Day National Workshop on Food Processing dated 22 July, 2017

With the Key Note Address of eminent people like Shri SPS Kushwaha, Joint Director Horticulture & Food Processing Industries, Mr. Ramnath Suryawanshi, CEO & Senior Food Technologist; Mr. Sanjeev Sabharwal, Agribusiness Consultant the workshop was started. 

India is largest producer of pulses, tea and milk, second largest producer of wheat, rice, groundnut, fruits and vegetables in the world. The processing of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants, milk etc. has abundant potential to mitigate the food needs of the ever increasing population of our country. Further, for food security appropriate processing technology, value addition, enhanced economic returns and employment generation in rural areas have become prominent. The food processing sector of our country is a disjointed industry and still in the preliminary stages of growing phase, but may occur as uppermost yielding sector and leading food supplier in the world. Changing lifestyles, food habits, organized food retail and urbanization are the vital factors accountable for the evolution of the processed foods sector. Food Processing involve a grouping of unit operations to achieve the envisioned deviations to the raw materials. The arrangement and categorization of operations defines the nature of the final product. 

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