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Industrial Visits 2007-2008

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Industrial visit to various industries for the student of Pioneer Institute to understand the production process and the the management operation in various industries

Industrial Visits:

Another vital ingredient of Pioneer’s philosophy of excellence in students is periodical industrial visits.Industrial visits provide an interface between educational and organizational environment. Industrial orientation is aimed at helping the students in understanding the practical aspects of what they study in classrooms. Students visit various kinds of industries and companies periodically in leading industrial areas to understand - How industry works? These visits broaden the perspective of the students.

17th March,2008. Management Institutes are back yards for industries. They, in fact are nurseries. They create small plants that develop into well-grown trees. This can happen only with the help of the necessary inputs such as training, guidance, support and networking. To ensure this, the Coordinator Faculty of MBA (IB) Dr.A.K.Singh organized interaction of MBA (IB)-II sem students with industry stalwarts on 17th March,2008.

This meet allowed students a panoramic vies of world of opportunities. Students visited four factories namely –
i) SEZ
ii) India Net
iii) Saflex
iv) Concor

February 12th April The coordinator faculty of MBA (BE) Prof. R.K.Mishra organized an industrial visit for the students on February 12th April at “Mahale Migma Ltd.”, Pithampur. The purpose of the visit was to build industry-academia interface which will help to fill the theoretical gaps and thus foster a methodical spirit and scientific sense of enquiry among the students.

The students visited the manufacturing, processing and packaging units and interacted with the industry executives regarding industry operations. Later they had a presentation from Mr. S.K.Singh (Vice President (General)), who effectively handled the queries of students.

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