IV National Conference Mapping For Excellence

4rth National Conference on held on 16-Feb-2008 highlighting Mapping for excellence and challenges ahead to achieve a goal in pursuit of excellence

IV National Conference (16th Feb. 2008)

Mapping For Excellence: Challenges Ahead

Excellence is a pursuit – this is a journey, not a goal. One needs to move on and on the road towards the excellence. In this pursuit for excellence, knowledge has a very significant role to play. With out knowledge, nothing is possible. Knowledge leads the production system because things exists in ideas and concepts first. People who creates knowledge and generate ideas are definitely superior. Some people give shape to the ideas and knowledge; creates system and material things with the help of
knowledge. Society also needs such people.

Knowledge which goes as inputs in the process of creation of goods and services is known as technology. Superior is the knowledge, superior will be the technology and superior will be our system for various kind of activities; therefore knowledge remains at the core of everything. Investment in
knowledge always pays the best interest.

Creation and distribution of knowledge are great activities. Research, experiments, observation and discussions are various ways of creating knowledge. Encouraging knowledge creation and bringing the output on a platform is very important and challenging activity.

Pioneer Institute with this vision organized 4th National Conference on Mapping for Excellence: Challenges Ahead. We were able to showcase ample range of research papers of HR, Marketing, Finance, and IT from reputed Institutes of India. The Chief Guest was Mr. Deepak Illawadhi, GM –CSC Indore, Special guest for the occation was Dr. P.K. Bansal, Commisinor – SEZ, Indore.

Key Note Speaker was Dr. Rajendra Mohanti. Conference Secretary

Dr. A.K.Singh gave detailed report of the conference and Prof. Rekha Malwani presented Vote of
Mahalaxmi Nagar, Indore - 452010

Program was scheduled in following sessions:

· Technical Session I : Emerging Issues in Finance Sector.
· Technical Session II : Changing Paradigm of Retail Market in 21st Century.
· Technical Session III : The Dynamics of Human Capitals.
· Technical Session IV : Synergy – East and West In Globalization.