Faculty Development Activities

Faculty Development Programs conducted by PIPS (Strengthening to Face Challenge)

Teachers and students hold the main responsibility for improving education. But they need a lot of help. College and university leaders, state and federal officials, and accrediting associations have the power to shape an environment that is favorable to good practice in higher education.
There is good evidence that such an environment can be created. When this happens, faculty members and administrators think of themselves as educators. Adequate resources are put into creating opportunities for faculty members, administrators, and students to celebrate and reflect on their sharedpurposes.
Faculty members receive support and release time for appropriate professional development

FDP/ Workshops/Seminars Organized by the Institute:

Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies organized various Faculty Development Programs for the
betterment of educational society as a whole.

· 4th National Conference (16th Feb. 2008)
· National Conference on IT (May 6, 2008)
· Two Days Workshop On pedagogy for Management Educators (May 20-21, 2008)