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Artificial Intelligence Machine Ethics and Military Robots

As the sophistication of artificial moral agents improves, it will become increasingly important to construct fully general decision procedures that do not rely on assumptions of special types of agents and situations to generate moral behavior. Since such development may require extensive research and it is not currently known when such procedures will be needed to guide the construction of very powerful agents, the field of machine ethics should begin to investigate the topic in greater depth. ... Read Full Article

Distributed Securities against Eavesdropper in Electronic Funds Transfer

Many people have speculated that cash and checks will eventually go the way of the dinosaur or the passenger pigeon; that is, at some point, they will cease to exist in the market, having been replaced by new emerging, electronic payment methods. Generally the banking laws, regulations and supervision were designed primarily to address the fundamental principle relating to safe and sound business practices by financial institutions. For many consumers, electronic banking means 24-hour access to cash through an automated teller machine (ATM) or Direct Deposit of paychecks into checking or savings accounts. But electronic banking now involves many different types of transactions. Electronic banking, also known as electronic fund transfer (EFT), uses computer and electronic technology as a substitute for checks and other paper transactions. Electronic funds transfers are based on technology that by its nature is designed to extend the geographical reach of banks and customers. This kind of a market expansion extend beyond borders, therefore there will be problems which banks will try to avoid like regulation and supervision. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) provides for electronic payments and collections. In this paper we discuss about new electronic payment methods and different securities level of distributed database. We also Discuss the distributed securities of Electronic funds Transfer. The aim of this article is to briefly examine and explain the issues of electronic funds transfers, security and privacy of transactions pertaining to internet payments. This paper introduces electronics funds transfer, discusses some of their basic properties of EFT and outlines their general role in securing software applications on the EFT. In addition, the architecture of a EFT is described. ... Read Full Article

The Wikipedia Haunting Issues

"Wikipedia is the ideal place to start any search and get a global picture of a topic, however, it is not an authoritative source. In fact, one can check the facts they find in Wikipedia against other sources. Additionally, it is generally good research practice to cite an original source when writing a paper, or completing an exam. It's usually not advisable, particularly at the university level, to cite an encyclopedia." Nothing is perfect, and Wikipedia is no exception. This paper provides the complete sense of knowledge as well as awareness about it and at the same time, this paper clears the descriptive study over the issues, rising against it. ... Read Full Article

e-Commerce A Business Review and Future Prospects in Indian Business

E-commerce is abbreviated to Electronic Commerce. It is improving standard among Business community in world, about the opportunities offered by E-commerce. E-Commerce has unleashed yet another revolution, which is changing the way businesses buy and sell products and services. And it is trading in goods and services through the electronic medium. India is showing tremendous growth in the Ecommerce so now a days, low cost of the PC and the growing use of the Internet is one of reasons for the same. Now the country is growing awareness among the business community in India about the opportunities offered by E commerce. Future of e commerce is very innovative in India with even the stock exchanges Coming online providing a online stock portfolio and status with a fifteen minute delay in prices. ... Read Full Article

Internet and Economic Revolution

The Internet revolution, similar to industrial revolutions promises an economic transformation. The main objective of this paper is to analyze these expectations and to put forward more reliable and satisfactory explanations of the dotcom phenomena implications. That has been done by answering the following questions: What are the factors that influence the growth of dotcom companies? What are the factors that influence the decline of dotcom companies? Which of the dotcoms business model is likely to be the most reliable to use in future? In order to understand dotcom problems encountered by entrepreneurs, managers and investors presents a historical background of the dotcom boom and related to its other points in history that have a similar nature. The new industrial revolution initiated by the information technological development in the internet system poses both opportunities and threats to some industries, especially the agency market. Traditional agency provides a search function for the clients, which soon becomes obsolete with the instant search in the cyberspace. In a market where almost everything is starting to emerge in proper form, such as the real estate market in the reforming China, internet application provides competitive advantages for most players. Adaptation to this new development seems natural as there is no inertia and everybody is on more or less the same range of the learning curve. ... Read Full Article

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