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Customer Perception On Mobile Banking

Mobile usage has seen an explosive growth in most of the Asian economies like India, China and Korea. The main reason that Mobile Banking scores over Internet Banking is that it enables 'Anywhere Anytime Banking. Customers don't need access to a computer terminal to access their bank accounts, now they can do so on-the-go while waiting for the bus to work, traveling or when they are waiting for their orders to come through in a restaurant. Mobile banking in India is set to explode - approximately 43 million urban Indians used their mobile phones to access banking services during quarter ending August, 2009, a reach of 15% among urban Indian mobile phone user .As per a survey made by Bangalore based research firm that tracks current and future mobile trends in India has revealed that the most popular mobile banking services used by consumers are Checking accounts, to view last three transactions, status of checks, payment reminders, to sent a request for new check book. The present study is done to know the aw eness of mobile banking among banking customers and their perceptions on mobile banking and the impact of mobile banking on customers. The research was conducted by taking 100 account holders of various banks. ... Read Full Article

An Association Mining of Efficient by Compressed Large Database

Large Amount of data is being using very rapidly in the world. It to be compressed takes much more time and takes lot of effort to process these data for knowledge discovery and decision making. Data compression technique is one of good solutions to be reduce size of data that can be save more time the time of discovering useful knowledge by using appropriate methods, for example Data mining. Data mining is used to help users discover interesting and useful knowledge more easily to decision making purpose. It is more and more popular to apply the association rule mining in recent years because of its wide applications in many fields such as stock analysis, web log mining, medical diagnosis, customer market analysis and bioinformatics. In this paper the main focus in on association rule mining and data pre-process with data compression. In this paper we analysis the methods simple Apriori, Partion based Apriori and Apriori with compressed dataset. We compare these three methods on the basis of minimum support, inimum confidence, number of records and execution times ... Read Full Article

Integrating DNA Computing in Chaos-Based Optimization Algorithm Approach for Cryptography

Abstract: DNA cryptography is a field which is being in tremendous demand for providing effective electronic security since 1990s. It exploits the extreme randomness and complexity properties of DNAstructure for coding and decoding any information. As a new step to enhance the security, this paper presents an alternative security method of chaotic encryption and decryption by embedding DNA security algorithm in it. The presented method of cryptography can transmit highly confidential data efficiently and securely, and complements standard, algorithmic procedures, providing security solutions with novel features. ... Read Full Article

Data Scientist Hot Victim of Short Term Shortage

With ever increasing amount of data being generated every moment there is a strong need of a person who can not only read but can also interpret, analyze and can evaluate critically to bring out the desired result out of it. Data Scientist is one who can work on enormous data involving data complexity, can query huge databases with different aspects and extract meaningful data with different view using tools and applications. He is a mixture of business analysis, analytics modeling and data management and the scientist. These people are gaining importance and are becoming crucial assets as they give an edge to business in today's competitive era. The purpose of this paper is to figure out the shortage of data scientist and to find out the remedies to cope up with such scarcity of the intellectual professionals in IT hiring market. Keywords: Data scientist, hiring, internet, shortage. ... Read Full Article

BPO A SWOT Analysis

BPO is one of the popular business practices in today's competitive environment. India has enormous opportunities emerging from globalization and consequent lowering of tariff barriers. The Indian BPO industry is constantly growing. However, along with the Phenomena Increase in BPO to India there has been a backlash against outsourcing. Information Technology has given India formidable brand equity in the global markets. Indian BPO companies have a unique distinction of providing efficient business solutions with cost and quality as an advantage by using state of art technology. This article explains overview of BPO industry in India comparative strength, weakness, opportunities and thread Indian BPO industry. ... Read Full Article

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