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E-Business: The Emerging Significance

Web has changed every aspect of life. However, no area is going through a significant and rapid change like today’s business world. Businesses start to achieve real business value as they integrate Internet Technology into their core processes. Today, major corporations are rethinking their businesses in terms of the internet and its new culture and capabilities. Companies are using the Web to buy parts and supplies from other companies, to communicate with their partners, to collaborate on sales promotions and to transact commerce. This is e-business, where the strength and the reliability of traditional information technology meet the Web. E-business isn't about re-inventing "the wheel" of your business. It's about streamlining current business processes which improves operating efficiencies, which in turn will strengthen the value you provide to your customers. It is the powerful business environment that is created when you connect critical business systems directly to customers, employees, vendors and business partners using Intranets, Extranets, e-commerce technologies, collaborative applications and the Web. This paper examines the role of e-business on business processes and will also emphasize on the emerging importance of e-business. ... Read Full Article

Information Extraction From Web Pages Based On Pattern Discovery

Information extraction from Web documents is a critical issue for Software agents on the Internet. Extracting data from the Web requires a wrapper that “wraps" around a Web site and extracts data from Web pages. Wrapper induction is one of such techniques that learn extraction rules by generalizing from training examples. In this project, we utilize a data structure called a PAT tree in which repeated patterns in a given input string can be efficiently identified. A PAT tree is an efficient data structure successfully used in the area of information retrieval for indexing a continuous data stream using this data structure to index an input string, all possible character strings, including their frequency counts and their positions in the original input string can be easily retrieved. ... Read Full Article

Use Of ICT In Primary School

Education is playing the most important role in all-round development of student. Teachers shape the students by providing them with various teaching- learning experience. Today’s era is a known as era of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT has reached into the every aspect of life. Thus, to make individuals technology literate, ICT education should start from primary school. ICT enable users to create, access, store, transmit, and manipulate different information in audio and visual form with the help of different hardwares and softwares. ICT is useful for effective teaching-learning process, quality education and overall development of students, teachers and administrative staff. The main objective of this study was to examine computer related experience in primary school related to classroom teaching and administrative use, specifically in rural area of India. ... Read Full Article

Civil Development Project Cost Assessment By Neural Network With Genetic Algorithm

Cost assessment is most important part when new civil development is start. If cost assessment is not correct then project may not complete within a budget. So many times budget is over and development is stopped. To solve this problem we are using the concept of neural network and genetic algorithm, and designing a model by which we can assess the cost of any civil project very efficiently. In this paper we are using Back propagation Method of Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm. Back propagation method will give some solution of problem and our genetic algorithm will give the optimize solution. During the process of development cost assessment, back propagation neural network has a very powerful application. Genetic algorithm optimizing back propagation has been proposed to aim at handling locality minimum and low convergence speed. The method based on analyzing the basic fundamental states that how to use genetic algorithm to improve the ability of back propagation. After optimizing, the Genetic Algorithm Back Propagation model has been built up. So many project cases and some testing samples are put into the model to observe generalize ability. The result of Genetic Algorithm Back Propagation model can get lower forecast error and iterations. For these reason, Genetic Algorithm Back Propagation model is appropriate for construction cost assessment. ... Read Full Article

Solo Programming and Pair Programming in Software Metrics

In the software development environment Software metrics is an attribute (consisting of a quality, or characteristic of an object) derived from the measuring attributes of software objects. Software Metrics is termed as the measurement based techniques for software development process and its products to supply meaningful and timely management information, and the use of those techniques to improve that process and its products [GOOD 93].Metrics basically are used to improve software quality and productivity .Software metrics deal with software items. While dealing with software metrics various management activities are there which are discussed in the later part of this paper. Solo Programming is where one programmer develops software alone. Pair Programming is where programmers develop software side by side at one computer. Pair Programming is basically referred as Collaborative Programming [2].While dealing with software metrics sometimes problem of pair programming (also termed as team programming) and solo programming occurs. In this paper we compared solo programming and pair programming; and listed the benefits and defects of both programming(i.e. pair programming and solo programming) that occur while working with teams or without in software metrics. ... Read Full Article

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