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Sequential Pattern Extraction From Server Access Logs Using Plpc-Tree Algorithm

This contribution concerns mining frequent sequential patterns on click stream data applications contend with many challenges such as limited memory for unlimited data. Existing work on mining frequent patterns on data streams are mostly for non-sequential patterns and mines the frequent sequences from the WAP-tree by recursively re-constructing intermediate trees, starting with suffix sequences and ending with prefix sequences. This paper proposes an algorithm that uses data structure PLPC-tree to handle the complexities of mining frequent sequential patterns in data streams by totally elimination of numerous re-construction of intermediate WAP-trees during mining. The proposed algorithm constructs the tree while finding frequent individual events and then builds the frequent header node links of the original WAP-tree in an ordered fashion and uses the position code of each node to identify the ancestor/descendant relationships between nodes of the tree. It then, finds each frequent sequential pattern, through progressive prefix sequence search, starting with its first prefix subsequence event. Experiments show good performance gain over the WAP-tree technique. ... Read Full Article

Evolution Of Flexible Software Model: From On-Premise To Saas

There are numerous ways of selling software these days. Business owners and technology leaders have many questions like should they buy software as a service or traditional on-premise? Which is best, user, usage- based pricing? In this research paper, we examine the challenges and future opportunities with Software as a Service. The paper also includes key questions for companies considering SaaS Vs Traditional on premise softwares. This research tries to explore areas for management to think and choose wisely between SaaS and traditional license softwares. The aim of this paper is to compare analyze the relevance and applicability of SaaS in the business organizations. Overall the purpose of this research is to help educate the market, and to explore the real impact that SaaS will have on the market in ... Read Full Article

Issues & Critical Success Factors Of E-Supply Chain Management In Health Care Sectors

Modern competition has already become the competition among enterprises and their supply chains rather than the competition among enterprises only, with the development of information technology and economic globalization. In this era, the organizations are forced to rethink their operations, alliances, partnerships and strategies to cope with these and similar changes. Supply chain competitiveness has been emerged as one of the strongest tool for gaining competitive advantages. Although healthcare industries have responded serious competitive challenges through their network alliance, the theoretical element for sustainable competitive advantage of healthcare supply chain has not been well examined. A company is competitive when it is able to create and deliver value for its customers. A supply chain is competitive if it is able to create and deliver value for its customers and its components. In the growing economy of India, supply chain competitiveness (SCC) is a real solution to the problems faced by organizations in this global environment, which now ultimately leads to a World of e-SCM (Electronic Supply Chain Management). This paper identifies some of the e-supply chain competitiveness issues and presents roles of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, some future perspectives of e-SCM with an aim to identify the critical issues related to supply chain competitiveness and presents roles of the major components of supply chain, altogether. Our target is also to discuss the emerging challenges of healthcare supply chains and their need for understanding the upstream and downstream collaborative healthcare network for global markets. ... Read Full Article

Need And Significance Of E-Learning In Education

Technology is an agent of change and major technological innovations can result in entire paradigm shifts. The technological revolution poses tremendous challenges to the educators to rethink their basic tenets, to apply technology in creative way to redesign education. After affecting extensive changes in the way people communicate and do business, the Internet is poised to bring about a paradigm shift in the way people learn. Now-a day’s anywhere, anytime education is possible. The practice of providing education with the help of modern technologies is termed as e-Learning. It is dynamic, operates in real time, empowering, individual and comprehensive, effective and quick. E-learning is a combination of content and instructional methods delivered by media elements such as words and graphics on a computer intended to build job-transferable knowledge and skills linked to individual learning goals or organizational performance. The major benefits of e-Learning are that it is eco-friendly because it takes place in a virtual environment and thus avoid travelling and reduces the usage of paper. This paper will focus on the: Overview of e-learning, e-learning strategies and significance of e-learning in the field of education. ... Read Full Article

Navigation Based Relevance Feedback in Content Based Image Retrieval

Accuracy enhancement of Content Based Image Retrieval System as well as reduction in semantic gap can be efficiently achieved with the help of Relevance Feedback. Many schemes and techniques of relevance feedback exist with many assumptions and operating criteria. This paper focuses on a novel method, Navigation-Pattern-based Relevance Feedback (NPRF), which can be used to achieve high efficiency and effectiveness of CBIR while coping with the large-scale image data. By using NPRF method, high quality of image retrieval on RF can be achieved in a small number of feedbacks. It mainly applies data mining techniques to mine the navigation patterns from the user log information and incorporates the same while further searching for the relevant images. ... Read Full Article

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