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Program Schedule

  Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore 15th National Conference On Emerging Trends in IT (Feb 16, 2013) Program Schedule   Registration and Fellowship- Lobby                       (9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.) Inaugural Session- Conference ... Read Full Article

Programming with ANSI and Turbo C

Programming with ANSI and Turbo C is proposed for anyone interested knowing about the C programming. Programming is used today in very much. It  introduces ... Read Full Article

Cryptography and Network Security

Cryptography & network security is proposed for anyone interested knowing about security. Security is used today in every field. It introduces the concept of security. Click ... Read Full Article

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Fundamentals is proposed for anyone interested in knowing about computers. Computers are used in every field. It has changed the basic concepts of computing ... Read Full Article

Pioneering Approach of Damage Recovery of Forensics Evidence Images

Digital Forensic is the application of science and engineering to the legal problem of digital evidence with the reference of computer and related fields. It is a synthesis of science and law. Digital Forensic is application of forensics techniques and method in Computer, Internet, Mobile, Database, and other Digital Memory media. Because of some unique features and applications making the application of classical computer forensic techniques are very difficult nowadays. The different forensic techniques are required to gather the evidences images from the computer and store it in a digital storage media. The stored images can be damaged due to unexpected internal and external electromagnetic effects. Because of the security reasons we cannot make multiple copies of evidences images. Therefore we need some recovery techniques to get the damaged images back. We will discuss different algorithms of damage recovery. There are some major limitations of existing block recovery methods. I proposed a new block recovery format with the combination of CRC and MD5. ... Read Full Article

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 next last total: 213 | displaying: 1 - 5