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Understanding Executive Information System: A Study EIS Success Factors in Business and Decisions

Abstract: There has been rapid development in the number of implementations of Executive Information Systems (EIS).Yet the success rate of these systems has not been large.To ... Read Full Article

The Outside Classroom

Abstract Teaching outside the classroom is becoming widely acknowledged as a way of promoting a number of desirable educational outcomes and assuring the realization of current ... Read Full Article

The Role of Education Institutes in Fostering Entrepreneurship

Abstract "Entrepreneurial Croatia" – that is the name for a methodology of training for enterprise, which gives us a structure for an orderly advancement of instructive ... Read Full Article

Indian Education And Its Universal Application

Abstract Education is the backbone of every country. A country will not have the capacity to get by in the focused world, if its education system ... Read Full Article

Development of Entrepreneurship through Education System and Efforts by Government of India

Abstract Entrepreneurs are creative, innovative, risk taking, dynamic, flexible, brave, opportunity recognizer, network builder, independent and self-reliant people whereas entrepreneurship is considered as a growth and ... Read Full Article

A Comparative Study Of Product Strategy Used In Hospital Industry

Abstract Hospital sector is completely service oriented sectors. Every patient wants special care and attention, yet it is difficult to attain patient satisfaction. Every sector has ... Read Full Article

A BPO Services Startups & Growth of BPO Industry

Abstract  Startups are necessary to look a lot of challenges to get their ball rolling as their business expense and the preservation costs rise over time. ... Read Full Article

Impact of Technology on Education System and Commodity Market In India

Abstract The Impact of technology has in education and  commodity market  today is quite significant as technology in education and commodity market has the power  to  ... Read Full Article

Role of Education in National Development

Abstract Science by itself provide no direct benefit to individual, social and economic ills but without scientific progress no amount of achievement in any direction can ... Read Full Article

Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Inquiry Training Model with Traditional Teaching in Terms of Problem Solving Ability of Middle School Students

Abstract The present study is from the area of educational technology namely models of teaching .The present study was pretest-post test control group design and experimental ... Read Full Article

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