Educational Traits and leadership: Influences on Student Learning

Taking Stock in Training Leaders:

How Does It Matter Anyway?

Effective teaching, leadership makes a Difference in improving learning.There's nothing particularly novel in all this Controversial about that idea.What? Far less clear, even after several decades of school renewal efforts, is just how Leadership matters, how important those Effects are in promoting the learning of all children, and what the essential ingredients of successful leadership are.Lacking solid evidence to answer these Questions, those who have sought to make the case for greater attention and Invest in leadership as a footpath For large-scale education improvementhave had to rely more on faith than fact.This reportexamines the available evidence andoffers educators, policymakers and allCitizens interested in promotingsuccessful schools, some answers to thesevitally important questions. It works out that leadership not only matters: it is second only to teaching among school-associated ingredients in its impact on student learning, granting to the evidence compiled and analyzed by the generators.

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