What is the meaning of Basic Education in India


Education means the process of learning or teaching. It is similar as we give food to our empty stomach, in the same way the brain got food in the form of education. The Education is necessary because a human take the biological birth from the mother, but his actual birth take place when his education starts because at that moment the brain starts working and new things, ideas, thought process begins. When a human start thinking about right and wrong, what is good and bad, what is world etc. similar kinds of topics arises in the mind of a human. Education helps in the growth and developmentof human. We can say if a person is not educated then he can behave in any manner but if he is educated he will behave in civilized manner.Basic education helps a child to develop a base on which the whole life of that child will run. If Basic education is proper child will grow and if it is not, then his life will remain in dark. The brain of a child is just like a raw clay and if it is properly nourished then a very good structure can be formed but if it is not then it will be a waste brain which can become a criminal or any such kind.By this research paper I am trying to explain the Right to Education is fundamental right and what is Basic Education for a human. I am saying human because it includes person of every age despiteof religion, age, gender, place of birth or any other kind of Economic, social or any other barrier.

Keywords: Basic education, Elementary education, Illiteracy, Universalization of Education

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