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Message of Dr.P.N Mishra, Conference Advisor

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Unremitting pains in mapping for excellence have become a need of an hour. Last few years have seen incredible competition in each and every area due to globalization, liberalization and last but not the least recession. To grow to be a leader in such a state of affairs, it is imperative to efficiently administer all resources and possessions of business i.e. Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Production & Information Technology.  Starting from Small Scale Industries to big tycoons in Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Textile, Telecom, IT Hardware and Software, Retail, Healthcare, Tourism, Automobiles, etc. all are facing diverse challenges either to become market leader or retain as a market leader in present scenario.

Organizing conference on such a subject matter, which is the need of occasion, is all the times substantial. Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore is putting its incessant efforts in diverse areas of Management and Information Technology to assist academia and industry.

I am exceptionally pleased to cite that partakers of this National Conference and prolific stay during the conference are impending from an assorted of proficient backgrounds representing academia and industry. I anticipate that all participants will enjoy the conference and augment their comprehension,


(Dr. P. N. Mishra)