There is no edge of challenges & momentum on the pathway of excellence. Particularly looking at the current setting of sweeping economic and financial crisis, everybody desires to endlessly position his efforts and map the challenges on the hierarchy of excellence.  Sharing of awareness is one of the crucial efforts to meet these challenges.

Current economic and financial crisis do not only have a blow on a particular sector but on each and everyone starting from general man to the global economy. Globalization, Liberalization and now financial crisis all have added challenges to diverse verticals of business like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management etc.

To fight competitive forces, firms in domestic and global markets are using varied competitive strategies and tactics. Some of them are identifying core competencies, leveraging technologies, implementing pioneering strategies, benchmarking, business reengineering, etc. Present Conference has been structured so as to endow with a platform to the Teachers, Research Scholars, Students and Industry Experts to contribute and crave their understanding and practice and contribute to research. The conference has been divided into four sessions:  Marketing for Competitive Advantage, Hr for Sustained Growth, Financial Dynamism, and Emerging Challenges/ IT/ Productivity Management.

I deem that this endeavor will escort towards the enrichment and fortification of the information of all individuals and its upshot will help the industry and society to devise a quantity of the strategies for becoming globally competitive.