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Teachers’ Training and Education Reformation

Abstract The teaching profession has been hailed in India as among the divine occupation. Teachers’ training is fundamental for the whole society to stand up to ... Read Full Article

Transformations In Indian Education System

Introduction   “Change is the law of nature” as the time passes on changes occur in every institution of society so as in education system also as ... Read Full Article

Technology for an Efficient Classroom Learning - A Student-Centric Approach

Introduction In a world where new gadgets are being invented faster than ever, humans are becoming increasingly dependent for an enhanced efficiency. Where every sector from ... Read Full Article

Effective And Interactive Class Room Teaching

Introduction Higher education is now a days undergone a change in its prospective as it’s expected dimensions include 1 • Product Dimensions: Performance, Reliability,  Durability and Serviceability • ... Read Full Article

Value based Education in Current Scenario

Introduction Values in education are like what virtues make of a human being. Value education harmonizes the need for the student to achieve in a competitive ... Read Full Article

Innovative Practices in Higher Education Pedagogy

  Introduction Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of teaching and how these influence student learning process. It is the study of ... Read Full Article

Role of Information and Communication Technology in Development of Tourism Sector in India

In the early times travel was more of an objective related activity than anything else. People would rarely focus on the primary concerning issues related ... Read Full Article

Role of Data Mining in E-Governance

Introduction: E-governance involves the application of Information and Communication Technologies by government agencies for information and service delivery to citizens, business and government employees. It is ... Read Full Article

Organizational Policies and Its Impact On Work Life Balance:- An Investigative Study

Introduction: Now a day maintaining balance in between work and life has been the focus of everyone including companies and employees. The fast moving life, ... Read Full Article

India’s GDP-The Next Decade: A Forecast Using ARIMA Model

India’s growth along with sustainability in the next decade majorly depends on the growth in its market and economy as a whole. In the present ... Read Full Article

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