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Digital Transformation and IPR

Abstract Digital India is transforming India into a digitally empowered knowledge economy. It is an concept of government of India to give a common platform to ... Read more

Measuring Compatibility of Faculty Members while using ICT for Academic Management of Higher Education

Abstract Indian Education System has witnessed extensive use of computers in many areas of Indian education system. Faculty members are the focal point of this system. ... Read more

Technology in Teaching

Abstract: While teachers’ conservative attitude toward technology has been distinguished as a roadblock to effective technology integration in classrooms, it is often optimistically assumed that this ... Read more

The Tech-Savvy School

Abstract Technology has altered the way the universe functions on a daily basis, but what about teaching? Teaching has been immediately struck by the increase of ... Read more

Innovating Roles in Mathematics and Research

Abstract  A methodological insider approach enabled to view teacher education from the studentsperspectives, by focusing how discursive power-relations affected what becoming mathematics teachers brought forward as ... Read more

The Role Of Technology To An Entrepreneur

Abstract:  Technology entrepreneurship is a concept of transforming research and potential of scientific institutions into new products and services, which significantly increases benefits to consumers and ... Read more

Indian Education And Its Universal Application

Abstract Education is the backbone of every country. A country will not have the capacity to get by in the focused world, if its education system ... Read more

Glimps On Green Entrepreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial journey to optimize the returns on Economic, Social and Environmental Capital Invested. It’s a process of wealth creation through optimal ... Read more

Gender Issues In Education

Introduction  Education is the most important instrument for human resource development. Educating women, therefore, occupies top priority among various measures taken to improve the status of ... Read more

The Outside Classroom

Abstract Teaching outside the classroom is becoming widely acknowledged as a way of promoting a number of desirable educational outcomes and assuring the realization of current ... Read more

बहुबचपन के साथ सामाजिक विज्ञान का शिक्षण

अज़ीम प्रेमजी फाउंडेशन, भोपाल, मध्यप्रदेश आजदफ़्तर के काम से एक सरकारी स्कूल गयी थी. स्कूल हमेशा ही काम से जाना होता है किन्तु इस बार जो ... Read more

A Study on Entrepreneurship Development Process in India

Abstract: The concept of entrepreneurial development involves equipping a person with the required information and knowledge used for enterprise building and polishing his entrepreneurial skills. In ... Read more

Educational Traits and leadership: Influences on Student Learning

Taking Stock in Training Leaders: How Does It Matter Anyway? Effective teaching, leadership makes a Difference in improving learning.There's nothing particularly novel in all this Controversial about ... Read more

The Dynamic Structure Of Big Data Inmanaging Crm

Abstract The issue of big data brings a raw wave of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)’s strategies in supporting personalization and customization of sales, services and customer ... Read more

Different methods to making History teaching more effective and interesting

Objective – To explore the different methods of teaching to making History teaching more effective, creative and interesting Description- After spending a good time with the teachers and ... Read more

Traditions and Innovations in English Language Teaching

Abstract English language teaching in India started with establishment of the East India Company. It was a rise of cross cultural communication in India. There have ... Read more

Understanding Executive Information System: A Study EIS Success Factors in Business and Decisions

Abstract: There has been rapid development in the number of implementations of Executive Information Systems (EIS).Yet the success rate of these systems has not been large.To ... Read more

The Role of Education Institutes in Fostering Entrepreneurship

Abstract "Entrepreneurial Croatia" – that is the name for a methodology of training for enterprise, which gives us a structure for an orderly advancement of instructive ... Read more

Development of Entrepreneurship through Education System and Efforts by Government of India

Abstract Entrepreneurs are creative, innovative, risk taking, dynamic, flexible, brave, opportunity recognizer, network builder, independent and self-reliant people whereas entrepreneurship is considered as a growth and ... Read more

total: 873 | displaying: 81 - 100