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A BPO Services Startups & Growth of BPO Industry

Abstract  Startups are necessary to look a lot of challenges to get their ball rolling as their business expense and the preservation costs rise over time. ... Read more

Impact of Technology on Education System and Commodity Market In India

Abstract The Impact of technology has in education and  commodity market  today is quite significant as technology in education and commodity market has the power  to  ... Read more

Role of Education in National Development

Abstract Science by itself provide no direct benefit to individual, social and economic ills but without scientific progress no amount of achievement in any direction can ... Read more

Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Inquiry Training Model with Traditional Teaching in Terms of Problem Solving Ability of Middle School Students

Abstract The present study is from the area of educational technology namely models of teaching .The present study was pretest-post test control group design and experimental ... Read more

Role and Challenges of Education in National Development

Abstract The social and economic development of nations is fundamentally an education process in which people learn to create new institutions, utilize new technologies, cope with ... Read more

Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship

Abstract Entrepreneurship has been recognized as a major instrument for sustainable products and processes, and new ventures are being held up as a solution for many ... Read more

Benchmark of Indian Education on Global Platform

Abstract The knowledge economy and globalization are inter related and affect each other. The economies can tend to achieve more when the capacity building potential of ... Read more

Social Entrepreneurship

Abstract Social or societal  entrepreneurship has been a topic of academic inquiry for nearly 20 years, yet relatively little scholarly output has appeared in mainstream management ... Read more

'Rigorous Learning' or 'Learning with Entertainment'

Abstract The Purpose is to find out a better approach for learning, be it ‘Rigorous Learning’ or ‘Learning with Entertainment’? The Design/methodology/approach is evaluating both the ... Read more

A study of the performance evaluation of Television cable Set top Box start up with special reference to Hathway Cables.

Introduction The selection of an organization is a difficult task for the researcher. The certain point has given to due weight, age while selecting the organization ... Read more

Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum

Abstract The Critical thinking is that form of thinking  about any subject, content, or problem in which the thinker advances the quality of his or her ... Read more

A study Dropout Students “Jambudi” Indore Region

Abstract Education plays a key role in human development through the process of empowering people to improve their well being and participation in national building. Dropout ... Read more

The Impact of digital technology on education in present scenario

Abstract This research study predicts the role of digital technology on education in present scenario. The goal of this study is to address the fundamental research ... Read more

What is the meaning of Basic Education in India

Abstract Education means the process of learning or teaching. It is similar as we give food to our empty stomach, in the same way the brain ... Read more

Role of Education in Nation Development

Abstract “All the wealth of the world cannot help one little Indian village if the people are not taught to help themselves, our work should be ... Read more

Impact of Education on HRM Practices in Banking Sector

  Abstract The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of education on HRM Practices applied in the organisation. Human resource management is an approach ... Read more

An Analytical Study of Consumer Behaviour &Loyalty in Print Media - Challenges and Strategic Perscriptions With Special Reference to Danik Bhasker of Indore

Abstract Customers’ perception is the process whereby customers select, organize and interpret sensory stimulation into meaningful information. Newspaper is a publication that appears regularly and frequently. ... Read more

An Empirical Study on Service Quality of Hospitals With Respect To Education

Abstract There is strong relation between the Education and the Hospital. Education affects the people perception towards service quality of hospitals. The choice of hospital depends ... Read more

Ethical Values and National Development

Abstract  Values are the pillars of a nation. India is a country based on ancient values. Our history shows that we live like a large family,the ... Read more

total: 873 | displaying: 101 - 120